The Global Science Gallery Network: 2015 Highlights

In 2015, human curiosity drove people worldwide to achieve and discover more than we ever have before. From the stunning close-range photos of Pluto taken by New Horizons, to the discovery of homo naledi, we’ve been breaking new ground on all frontiers.

Closer to home, we’ve been working to provoke and inspire the curiosity of future generations by expanding horizons for the Global Science Gallery Network. In 2015, we reached the halfway point towards our goal of eight galleries by 2020, confirming that the fourth Science Gallery will be developed by University of Melbourne, joining a Network that already includes Trinity College Dublin, King’s College London, and the Indian Institute of Science. In 2015 we also toured more Science Gallery exhibitions than ever before, with a record four concurrent exhibitions open around the world in the last quarter.

This year we were also delighted to receive new philanthropic funding worth more than €1.1M to support our work from the Cordover Family Foundation and another generous foundation, building on the foundational support of €1M provided by in 2012.

We’ve shared a few of the other highlights of our year below - for now, wishing you and yours a pleasant and restorative break this holiday season, and here's to a successful 2016 for us all!