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Universities have an urgent need to respond to complex global challenges. Traditional siloed research and teaching methods are increasingly inadequate.


Universities need to transform the ‘rules of engagement’ with the public and their researchers. With Science Gallery, universities can become spaces where today’s white-hot scientific issues are thrashed out – reshaping how new generations face, question and engage with the most pressing global challenges.

Transdisciplinary approaches to education and innovation are fundamental to future-proof the university; sparking catalytic conversations, connections and collaborations across networks is instrumental to develop and implement these approaches. Our transdisciplinary programmes feature emerging research and ideas from the worlds of science, art, design and technology, presented in connective, participative, and surprising ways.
Our Network members recognise that Science Gallery contributes significantly to achieving their key strategic objectives: 

  • internationalisation 
  • excellence in research and learning
  • innovation and entrepreneurship 
  • student recruitment
  • community engagement

For more detailed list of benefits of the Network, please visit our Benefits of the Network page.