Membership criteria

All potential applicants hoping to join the Network must meet a set of criteria as outlined by Science Gallery International. We particularly welcome applications from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Antarctica.

The criteria can be summaried as follows:

1. Standing of the university

  • This includes the ranking of the university (THE; QS), a strong presence in humanities/arts and science/technology, a highly international outlook and/or a renowned specialization.

2. Commitment to operational resources & provision of space, finances, and staff

Members must:

  • Commit to an annual membership fee of €100,000 and to funding of Science Gallery activities in the range of €400,000 to €1,000,000 for the first three years, with a temporary public space and staffing levels for this initial phase. Science Gallery International does not provide funding to its members.
  • Commit to eventually providing a permanent space for Science Gallery activities of approx 1,800 sq.m to include exhibition space, cafe, studio/meeting space, retail and offices. Indidicative ongoing operational costs are in region of €1-2.5M pa (depending on local economic conditions).
  • Commit to ensuring sufficient staff numbers to develop and operate Science Gallery.

3. Location & Population (complementary to current network)

  • A city with a dynamic population that can sustain a Science Gallery, and an active community of potential visitors, funders, collaborators, speakers, researchers, mission-related groups etc. that feed into a Gallery, its exhibitions and events.
  • A location that complements and adds something distinctive to the network. 

On mutual agreement a formal application from the leadership of the University is then submitted to SGI. Outcome: SGI assesses and approves the application, and the member signs the development and membership agreement. 

We are unable to accept applications from universities/partners in the following countries: Australia, India, England, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands.


Next Steps on Approval of Membership 

Phase 1: Development (~36 - 48 months) 

  • Development of at least one Science Gallery exhibition per year with related events and programs.
  • Access to Science Gallery licences, know-how and trademarks. 
  • Use of the Network’s bespoke online platforms for training and onboarding of staff, and artists/researchers database: CONNECT, ELEVATE and OPEN CALL platforms
  • Visits to other galleries in the Network & learning opportunities between Network members
  • Materials are provided to the member staff and leadership and their consultant(s) to assist with the preparation of any detailed feasibility studies / business plans required. SGI will provide feasibility studies from other nodes, comparative capital and operational projections and actuals from other nodes, along with ongoing support and consultation
  • Oversight group for the project appointed
  • Key staff are hired
  • Plans for space/venue progress, with local fundraising campaign as necessary
  • Participation in Network-wide events
  • Establishment of evaluation and impact assessment processes 

Phase 2: Capital Project

  • Detailed feasibility study for capital project prepared locally with input from SGI
  • Location selection and approval (Location approved by SGI)
  • Head of Project Delivery appointed
  • Architectural, planning and building/fit-out process, with input from SGI into brief and selection
  • Capital project fundraising as necessary

Phase 3: Open Doors

  • Activation of full year-round programming, education projects, network collaborations, international projects
  • Ongoing evaluation and impact assessment 
  • Documentation and reporting of projects
  • Full team in place and trained
  • Membership of Network Directors’ Forum
Throughout all these phases SGI provides the following supports: 
  • Provides ongoing support for training and learning resources
  • Provides assistance with global marketing, and coordination of activities of Network members 
  • SGI maintains Network digital platforms, including CONNECT, Google Apps and other resources
  • Secretariat for Directors’ Forum
  • Brand protection & evolution