Announcing SGI's New Sustainability Manager, Noeleen Hartigan

We are thrilled to share the news that Noeleen Hartigan has joined our team in the new role of Sustainability Manager. Noeleen will build our relationships with people who share our values and have the capacity and passion to support our growth, including philanthropic foundations, corporations and individual donors.

Innovation, transparency and value for money underpin how we work with our partners. We are committed to delivering tangible social impact for the young people who interact with Science Gallery and ethical, engaging opportunities for our partners.

Noeleen comes to us with over 20 years experience working on major social justice and human rights campaigns in Ireland and internationally. She is particularly experienced at matching donor's interests to groundbreaking social change agendas.

A Philosophy and Literature Graduate, with an MA in International Relations she first fell in love with the impact a good science project can have on the world through the (as was) Young Scientists Competition in the 1980s. She sings, acts and directs plays for fun.