We're partnering with the World Economic Forum to engage world leaders on how to empower young people

At Science Gallery International, we believe that young people hold the creative potential to tackle the world's biggest problems.

That's why we're partnering with World Economic Forum 2017 in Davos, Switzerland to engage world leaders on how to empower young people.

This year, in response to an uncertain world and a global shift in power balances, the theme of the WEF Annual Meeting is 'Responsive and Responsible Leadership'. To us here at Science Gallery International, responsive and responsible leadership means empowering the next generation to manage the challenges ahead – and that's just what we intend to do.

By 2020, The Fourth Industrial Revolution will have transformed the way we live and work, and jobs that don't exist today will become the norm, with creativity becoming a key skill that young people will need to prosper.

90% of 15-25 year olds live in the Global South, where there are complex socio-economic, cultural, and institutional boundaries to participating in science and the arts.

We want to build a truly global network and reaching out to leaders at WEF 2017 to help us do that.


Find out more about the Global Science Gallery Network in this video

And WEF attendees can reach out to us, too; our Executive Director Andrea Bandelli is participating as a Cultural Leader, and we are partnering with WEF on Benevolent Machine in The Loft, an interactive space in Davos that features lectures, experiential exhibits and emerging technologies.

(L) Andrea Bandelli, (R) The Loft in Davos


Attendees can come have a Science Gallery experience in The Loft, as well as engaging in debates and discussions.

Our two exhibition pieces are 3RNP by Patrick Tresset and Peeping Hole by Kenichi Okada and Naoaki Fujimoto, from the SEEING exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin.

(L) 3RNP, (R) Peeping Hole

Keep track of us at #WEF2017 on Twitter as @ScienceGallery. Andrea Bandelli can be found at @Maphutha. You can also find out where to follow WEF's official accounts here.