Ciara O'Flynn

Administrative Officer

Ciara is the Administrative Officer at Science Gallery International. Upon completing her BSc in Environmental Science at Trinity College Dublin, she has since gone on to develop her science communication skills through various projects. In the past, she was the Communication and Events Officer for the sci-art conference Inspirefest, Environmental Officer at the Irish electronic music festival Open Ear and a Mediator at Science Gallery Dublin. Ciara also has been published in Trinity Student Scientific Review, Trinity’s EcoEvo Research Blog, Headstuff and was a TEDxTrinity finalist in 2018. Stemming from her love of creativity and bringing communities together, in her spare time she is also involved with the popular Sing Along Social in Dublin. 

Her main areas of responsibilities at Science Gallery International are office management and assisting with any and all major projects that are underway, using her communication skills and teamwork to ensure the project finishes on time and to the highest standard as possible.

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