Science Gallery International is the independent not-for-profit catalysing the growth of the Global Science Gallery Network. 

We are  the world’s first global network of universities dedicated to public engagement with science and art.  Our focus is on 15-25 years olds, unleashing their creative potential to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. With over 3M visitors to date, the network is set to scale to reaching directly 6M young people by 2020.

2018 marks the start of a major expansion programme: In addition to the founding Science Gallery Dublin at Trinity College Dublin which welcomes over 400,000 visitors per year, we are excited to announce:

  • Science Gallery London at King’s College London, opening 2018
  • Science Gallery Lab Detroit at Michigan State University, opening 2018
  • Science Gallery Bengaluru at the Indian Institute of Science, opening 2019
  • Science Gallery Melbourne at University of Melbourne, opening 2020
  • Science Gallery Venice at Ca’ Foscari University, opening 2020

We are also actively pursuing partnerships in Latin America, Africa and further expansion in North America.

Investments and leverage: SGl was founded with a gift of €1M. This leveraged over €2.4M in media profile for our founding partner, ongoing worldwide recognition and a further €35M spend by partner Universities.

We are proactively seeking a single global CSR partner who wants to have a transformative world-wide impact on the future of education, skills and innovation. Our new partner will support our mission over three years and be part of the most cutting edge, youth focused network in association with the best universities in the world.

Science Gallery offers  unique media exposure, access to the best talent worldwide and the capacity to influence key decision makers in the field of education, culture and innovation.

Contact:  Dr. Andrea Bandelli, Executive Director or

Science Gallery International Executive Director Andrea Bandelli

Science Gallery International was founded with a €1 million investment from Our second phase investors are Ron Cordover on behalf of The Cordover Family Foundation, The Human Dignity Foundation and one private individual donor. 


Science Gallery International is a charity registered in the Republic of Ireland: CHY 20125. Registered offices at 22 Temple Lane South, Dublin 2, Ireland. Company registration number: 511842.