Why Join the Network?

Member universities of the Science Gallery Network reimagine what education looks like in the 21st century, and the Science Gallery Network makes this possible by enabling collaborative partnerships with other galleries and universities in the Network.

Universities have an urgent need to respond to complex global challenges, and traditional siloed research and teaching methods are increasingly inadequate. Science Gallery empowers universities to address challenges in innovative ways and accelerates their ability to engage the opportunities and challenges of the future. All Network members have exclusive access to Science Gallery tools and resources, state of the art technology and digital platforms; unique learning and knowledge exchange; peer support; mobility programmes, and much more – enabling a truly global learning experience for university faculty, students and researchers and the local community.


Attracting Students & Enhancing Student Experience

  • Student recruitment (10% of new entrants say that Science Gallery Dublin played a role in their choice to study at Trinity College Dublin)
  • Student skills development (e.g. by undertaking an interdisciplinary course of study through Science Gallery, employment programmes, intensive secondary school workshops, youth advisory committee members)
  • Opportunities for student mobility and exchanges

Research & Collaboration

  • Provides a platform for research by engaging researchers in programme development and stimulating transdisciplinary and collaborative research projects, locally and internationally through the Network
  • Activates researchers’ communication, confidence and leadership skills
  • Direct engagement with the public reshapes research questions and parameters, sharpening focus and enabling bolder ideas
  • Facilitates the collection of larger and more diverse data samples through research and experiments conducted in Science Gallery
  • Connects universities with an extensive network of young leaders and international thought leaders from the worlds of science, art, technology, design, engineering and medicine – the Science Gallery Leonardos.

Strengthening Profile, Reputation and International Recognition of the University

  • Extensive media coverage in leading and trend-shaping media
  • Exponential increase in online conversation and content generation
  • International exhibition touring
  • Association with other leading universities
  • Association with recognised world-leader in art-science public engagement
  • Heightened international standing and co-operation

Public Engagement

  • Creates a porous membrane between the university and the city, allowing the public to engage in real research happening within the walls of the university in a relaxed, sociable environment
  • Enables the university to connect with and build a community of scientific and creative people beyond its own
  • Provides a channel for the public to contribute to idea development, creating a sense of ownership and community connected to the university

Generating New Income, Corporate & Philanthropic Relationships

  • Provides a new, dynamic platform for corporate and alumni engagement
  • Provides access to new streams of private, philanthropic, institutional and government funding
  • Generates new earned income streams, broadening scope of commercial activities
  • Provides material evidence (both in terms of documentation and evaluation) of public outreach for corporate and specialised funders

Remaining Relevant in a Changing World

  • Science Gallery takes part in major, global conversations about youth participation, skills and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Science Gallery serves as a physical focus and catalyst for innovation, bringing a contemporary, networked, digitally engaged centre to the university campus
  • As a youth-focused brand, Science Gallery provides a channel to speak to 15-25 year olds about science in a non-academic and accessible way
  • Science Gallery provides a ‘skunk works’ where groups of university-linked people come together to undertake radically innovative projects