About the Network

The Science Gallery Network consists of leading universities united around a singular mission: to ignite creativity and discovery where science and art collide.

The seven galleries of the Science Gallery Network are committed to bringing science, art, technology and design together to deliver world-class educational and cultural experiences for young people.


Transdisciplinary approaches to education and innovation are fundamental to future-proof the university; sparking catalytic conversations, connections and collaborations across networks is instrumental to develop and implement these approaches. Science Galler Network programmes feature emerging research and ideas from the worlds of science, art, design and technology, presented in connective, participative, and surprising ways. 

By joining the Science Gallery Network, universities can draw on global connections to benefit their local communities, and use their local insights to generate new research with international impact. Our Network members recognise that the Science Gallery Network contributes significantly to achieving their key strategic objectives: internationalisation; excellence in research and learning; innovation and entrepreneurship; student recruitment; and community engagement. For more detailed list of benefits of the Network, please visit our 'Benefits of the Network' page.


Our Network Locations

The Science Gallery Network has seven members across four continents: Dublin, London, Melbourne, Bengaluru, Venice, Detroit and Rotterdam. The Network consistently sees unprecedented levels of accomplishment by our members, a testimony to their capacity, innovation and vision. The network effect is visible and strong: the staff at the various locations provide training to each other; gallery teams on opposite sides of the world collaborate on co-curated exhibitions; the Directors regularly meet to develop joint projects; and the exhibition open calls attract thousands of participants from all over the world.

To date, over 3.6 million visitors have engaged with the galleries on-site. Hundreds of scientists, artists and researchers have presented groundbreaking work through our exhibitions and events. Eight Science Gallery travelling exhibitions have toured to twenty-four venues all over the world, and have been visited by over 1.7 million people.


Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin



Now in their tenth year, Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin continue to experiment, take risks and produce new event formats — and attract people in their droves, with 407,529 people passing through their doors in 2017. Since its opening, more than three million visitors to the nonprofit gallery have experienced 43 unique exhibitions, ranging from design and violence to light and love, and from contagion and biomimicry to the futures of the human species and play.

Visit Science Gallery Dublin's website.


Science Gallery at King's College London



Science Gallery London opened in 2018 at a spectacular site opposite the Shard in London Bridge. Science Gallery London's close connections to King’s Health Partners and Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust means their programming connects art, science and health to drive innovation in the heart of the city. Science Gallery London takes critical new research on urgent issues beyond the university walls and brings them to life through science and art.

Visit Science Gallery London's website.


Science Gallery at University of Melbourne



Science Gallery Melbourne will be part of a new innovation precinct being developed by the University of Melbourne called Carlton Connect. Industry, researchers, government and the community will co-locate within the new precinct and collaborate to develop innovative solutions to major societal challenges. The precinct will provide an environment where great minds from different disciplines collide to turn big ideas into pioneering products or services, focussing especially on changing technologies, sustainability and resilience. In the lead up to the building opening in 2020, pop-up exhibitions will take place on and off campus. 

Visit Science Gallery Melbourne's website.


Science Gallery at Indian Institute of Science



A partnership between the Indian Institute of Science as Lead Academic Partner, and the National Centre for Biological Sciences and Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology as Collaborating Partners, Science Gallery Bengaluru will build on the proven university-linked model of public engagement pioneered by Science Gallery Dublin, but will adapt this model to a radically different context – the city of Bengaluru, with a population of almost 11 million people, home to a dynamic creative community, some of India’s leading scientific institutions, and also the IT and biotechnology hub of India.

Visit Science Gallery Bengaluru's website.


Science Gallery at Ca' Foscari University of Venice



Science Gallery Venice will bring the world-class art and frontier scientific research of Venice to the Science Gallery Network, creating opportunities to engage the local Venetian community with leading thinkers in art and science both in Italy and internationally. Built in the heart of Venice, it will be a new beacon for public engagement in Italy, bringing the unique approach of Science Gallery to ignite the creativity of millions of young adults where science and art collide, with a special focus on digital humanities, sustainability, and business.

Visit Science Gallery Venice's website.


Science Gallery at Michigan State University



Acting as a bridge between Detroit and the Michigan State University campus, Science Gallery Detroit first began programming in 2017, when the growing team ran several pre-programming events in the local community. Owing to their rapid development cycle, agile operations and strong social goals they opened their first pop-up exhibition, HUSTLE, in 2018. Science Gallery Detroit works with local artists, scientists and community members from both Detroit and East Lansing, and input from this diverse group helps ensure their work is relevant and poignant locally, nationally and internationally.

Visit Science Gallery Detroit's website.


Science Gallery at Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam


Science Gallery Rotterdam will start engaging audiences through pop-up activities from September 2019 on the Erasmus MC campus before opening its permanent site in the main building of the Medical Center, Science Gallery Rotterdam will create and host free exhibitions and events designed for a target audience of young adults from 15 to 25 years old. Featuring participative experiences that blend art, science, and technology, Science Gallery Rotterdam will ensure access to STEAM-related content and conversations for local young people.

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